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Off-road vehicle buildings are a popular service that enables a vehicle to be adapted for difficult terrain. With the help of customisations, off-road vehicles gain more traction, higher ground clearance and better performance, making it possible to navigate terrains that are difficult for ordinary cars to access.

There are many types of off-road vehicle customisations, which can be made according to the individual needs and requirements of customers. Among the most popular types of bodies are:

    1. Off-road buildings – which enable the vehicle to move over terrains that are difficult to access and unpaved. These bodies increase the ground clearance of the car, mount special off-road tires, and adapt the suspension for driving on uneven surface.


    1. Bodies are equipped with additional equipment – such as air conditioning, heaters, generators, additional lighting, winches, etc. These types of bodies are often used by rescue workers, emergency services, the military and other organisations that require specialised equipment.


  1. Specialised customs – made individually according to customer requirements. These may include bodies for transporting animals, bodies for mining, bodies for rally teams and many others.


Off-road vehicle bodies are made of the best materials, which ensures not only greater functionality, but also safety. Before starting the body, specialists conduct a thorough analysis of the customer’s needs and the conditions under which the car will be operated. On this basis, they prepare the design of the body and select the appropriate components.

If you are planning to build your off-road vehicle, it is worthwhile to use the services of specialised car services that offer comprehensive bodybuilding services. This way you will be sure that the execution of the body will be professional and safe.


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