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About us

On a long-distance trip, an efficient and functional car is essential, and our 4×4 store Rayo Offroad Center offers a comprehensive service for off-road vehicles, SUVs and special cars. Since 2006, we have been advising our customers and contributing to making each of their car trips safe, enjoyable and leaving only positive impressions. When going on the road, every driver needs to take care of his car and prepare it for a long journey. He can do this at the Rayo Offroad Center service center, which carries out repairs and maintenance of off-road vehicles. The staff will check all systems and do a thorough inspection. You will feel confident during the trip and will undoubtedly ensure the safety of other participants of the trip. At the 4×4 store you will buy the necessary suspension systems, brake systems, Land Rover parts, as well as batteries and jacks. Surely such equipment will ensure that during unexpected problems you will be prepared to solve them.

In our 4×4 store, a whole range of products is available to enhance your comfort and rest on the road. You will find roof racks, roof baskets and mounting kits. The 4×4 store offers quite a few refrigerators and accessories for them. When staying overnight, roof tents, showers, ladders and traps will come in handy. The 4×4 store also offers tourist gas cookers, chairs, dishes, kettles, tables and high-quality thermoses. On a longer trip, canisters, kinetic ropes, shovels or hatchets will come in handy. In addition, you will buy expedition boxes, bags, trays or organizers. When preparing your car for a trip, you should take a look at the 4×4 store’s offer in the pickup body section. There you will find tilt windows, storage compartments, roller blinds, covers and other accessories.

The 4×4 store offers equipment for most of the well-known car brands, so you will successfully find everything you need for your car voyages.

For the 4×4 store, off-road vehicles are a passion, so we will advise and support your expedition with our own experience. Before you go on an expedition be sure to visit us. A well-equipped and tested car is a guarantee of a successful trip.