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Toyota Hilux Revo


The choice was the BP-51 from Old Man Emu – a brand of the renowned Australian manufacturer ARB. This is one of the best shock absorbers available on the market, which combines performance, durability and adjustability thanks to which we can adjust the settings to different terrain conditions or the current load of the vehicle. As a result, the car provides a comfortable and safe ride in virtually any conditions.

Good underbody protection is the key to safe off-road driving. To protect the Hilux’s chassis, aluminum guards are used to protect the radiator, transmission, reducer and AdBlue tank. The guards have appropriate cutouts that allow the chassis to ventilate while driving. Thanks to the guards, driving over large stones, boulders or ruts, we don’t have to worry about damaging protruding elements or those exposed to abrasions and dents. In addition, the side sills installed, help when getting in and out of the vehicle, allow the use of hi-lift and protect the doors during tight passages near trees and large boulders.

In the car we built , we used 33″ tires, which we put on 17″ EVO Corse rims . The use of a smaller rim size allowed us to use a tire with a higher profile, which in practice contributed to better traction and comfort during off-road driving. The selected rims combine aesthetics with durability proven on the Dakar Rally, making them an ideal choice for an expedition car. In addition, by using a rim with the correct ET, we achieved the intended effect of the wheelbase, which directly improves safety and the handling and steering of the car. An eye-pleasing addition (which is a complimentary bonus, so to speak) is the achievement of a very attractive appearance of the car.

The chassis of the car has been protected against corrosion. The frame (including inside) and closed profiles have been treated with anti-corrosion waxes.




4. Electrics

Consisting of two batteries powered by solar panels on the roof, we can continuously use the refrigerator that has found its place in the central part of the body. The heater or coffee maker can work even for several days without starting the engine . A special connection allows the car to be connected to a 230V power supply, which gives full freedom to use all the car’s systems powered by electricity, and also ensures full charging of all batteries (starter and auxiliary).

We have installed a water tank in the car to provide a supply of water in case we can’t use it in the field. This allows us to have a kind of buffer on the route covered or camping in places where access to water is difficult.

Wanting to significantly improve the quality of lighting and its range, we decided to mount the LAZER Triple R 750 long-range lamps using a dedicated mounting kit for the radiator grille. This allowed us to place the lamps in the optimal place for their work – below the hood line.